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In our Turning section Newmont produce couplings, splined shafts, yokes, cross shafts, hubs, reaction plates, leadscrews, quill shafts, brake plates, spur and bevel gear blanks. Most machines have power tools, sub spindles or both.

Whatever your requirement our CNC lathes have the answer. Aerospace components often have an initial heavy machining operation prior to a heat treatment process and / or precision finishing. Our HAAS TL-25 SE is ideal for this; it has a twin-spindle configuration and ample power. Our three Okuma lathes all have live tooling; they are versatile machines and capable of continuous precision finishing.

The CT1118 platen lathe has a low power wrap round pneumatic collet chuck for holding thin and delicate parts. This facilitates the production of thin discs and brake plates.  We have bar capacity from 5 to 42 mm using Citizen sliding head and Hardinge sub spindle machines. Chucked parts can be accommodated up to 400mm diameter.

Most small precision leadscrews can now be made on CNC chucking or sliding head lathes.

Common forms and types with current and legacy standards held

Type Standard Held
Unified 60 degree           BS1580
BA 47.5 degree       BS93
ISO Metric 60 degree  BS3643-1
Whitworth 55 degree     BS84
ACME 14.5 degree      BS1104
Trapezoidal 15 degree        BS4185, BS5346
Pipe Threads     BS2779
Aerospace MJ Threads  BS A 358, BS6293 ISO5855, UNJ
Helicoil Insert Threads   Customer Specification

CNC programming

Lathes like the Okuma LB10M and LB15M have a full graphical programming system built into the software called IGF that generates CNC code. Where it is not appropriate to programme in CNC code we can employ our AlphaCam programming system for the chucking machines or the Alkart CNC Wizard for the sliding head machines.

Download the full primary plant machinery list