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Gear Cutting

We specialise in crown splines for aerospace applications, fine pitch gears for instrumentation and non-involute forms whilst our comprehensive range of gear cutting machines allows us to produce spur gears, involute splines, serrations and worm & wheel gear sets. Complete manufacturing or gear cut only services are available.

Newmont have CNC shaping and hobbing machines and the ability to produce gear and pulley parts on CNC sliding head machines. We have 22 gear cutting machines supported by a wealth of tooling including cutters, broaches, gauges and master gears. In addition to master gears the inspection department has two Gleason CNC analytical gear measuring machines.

These machines enable us to analyse individual parameters of a gear, spline or crown splines to control quality and when appropriate, offer tabulated and graphical documentation to our customers.   

Newmont Engineering is proud to be a certified member of the British Gear Association* since 2014

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We have a large demand for aerospace splines used to control aircraft slats and flaps. The control systems use internal, external and crown splines. The most commonly used standard for splines is ANSI B92.1 and BS3550. We have a great number of stock cutters to support manufacture of these parts and frequently purchase new cutters. Broaches are also employed to produce internal gears and splines.

The manufacture of instrument gears has been established at Newmont since the 1960s. Parts as small as 0.2 metric module have been produced. Numerous cutters are available for metric and imperial spur gears. Instrument gears with non-involute forms can also be produced. Fine pitch worm and wheel sets are also supplied to leading UK metrology companies and to the USA.

Examples of our experience and typical standards used.

Process Typical Standard
Miniature Gears & Fine Gears      BS4582, DIN58405
Serrations  BS2059-2, BS A19, DIN5481
Spur Gears BS978, BS436, AGMA, ISO1328
Imperial Involute Splines B92.1, BS3550, AND-10262
Metric Involute Splines BS ISO4156, DIN5482
Internal Splines As above
Straight Sided & Parallel Splines BS2059-1, BS5686 / ISO14, DIN5462, DIN 5436, DIN5481 (55deg & 60deg) SAE (6 & 10 tooth series)
Crown Splines Special Design
Worm and Wheel BS721
Timing Belt Pulleys Various
Chain Sprockets Various
Horological Gears Various

The majority of gear and splined parts are usually supplied as a complete package to our customer, where Newmont has procured the material, machined the part and facilitated any special processes.

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